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What is master plan?

Master Plan is a crucial urban planning document that defines the long-term development of the city. The master plan preparation involves planning of residential areas within the city's territory. The master plan also includes individual settlements in suburban areas to apply requirements of the settlement process thereto.

The master plan preparation involves the process of adjusting the city boundaries and construction of new settlements within these borders.

The main focus of the master plan is on the location of capital construction facilities on the map/scheme. Electricity, heating, gas, and water supplies are also addressed within the designated urban areas taking into account the projected population there.

Planning of highways, public transport, bridges, and similar transport engineering facilities is also envisaged in the master plan. All these solutions are coordinated with local authorities.


The master plan reflects the territorial planning process on the map or the scheme based on the current situation. The content and substance of the master plan take into account existing legislation on territorial planning.

Implementation of the perspective development plan envisaged in the master plan is carried out in phase-by-phase process according to the development types.



Master plans