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The Baku City Master Plan Preparation Process to Start
The Baku City Master Plan Preparation Process to Start



Following the Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev, the State Committee on Urban Planning and Architecture launches the Baku City Master Plan preparation process.

To ensure the process’ compliance with international standards as well as the application of the best international experience to producing a high-quality Master Plan content, the Committee shall hire the Boston Consulting Group, i.e., one of the most reputable global strategic consulting companies referred to as “G3.”

Established in 1963, the Boston Consulting Group has established a network comprising over 90 representatives in 50 countries of the world to provide services to the public and private sectors as well as non-governmental organizations throughout all regions of the world. Being one of the largest global consulting companies, the Boston Consulting Group not only possesses extensive international expertise in such areas as zoning and urban planning development, creation of a comfortable urban environment, a transformation of employment, and elaboration of cluster-based strategies for the development of urban infrastructure, tourism, transportation, and social areas. In the past 5 years, the Boston Consulting Group has successfully implemented over 550 such projects worldwide. Recently, this influential consulting company has implemented similar projects for large cities, including Moscow, Kyiv, Beijing, Stockholm, Boston, New York, etc.

The State Committee on Urban Planning and Architecture has planned to conduct the Baku City Master Plan preparation process in two phases jointly with the Boston Consulting Group.

Phase 1 will focus on ensuring proper analysis of all previous urban development and area planning documents relating to the capital of Azerbaijan, including the Greater Baku Regional Development Plan and Proper Baku Land use and Zoning Plan.

Through the application of the best global experience in the area and due consideration of the country’s development priorities, this phase will emphasize the verification of current projects' relevance, assessment of the infrastructure improvement needs, and preparation of Baku city urban development concept. This process will imply the study of master plans of various cities worldwide, the analysis of the cutting-edge international experience in the respective area, and possible application of this experience in Azerbaijan. At the same time, Phase 1 will also imply proper consideration of the country’s relevant legislation, including due assessment of the respective urban planning standards and regulations as well as the need for improvement.

Meanwhile, competent state bodies will, in the process of Baku City Master Plan implementation, give proper consideration to the procedure of planning Baku districts, including its improvement and harmonization.

The scope of activities included in the first phase envisages proper hiring of highly qualified professional foreign and local entities and experts to prepare appropriate design proposals and requirements for the development of the Master Plan. It shall include such components as the urban planning and architectural design, preservation of memorials, engineering systems, social infrastructure as well as consideration of environmental matters and other areas.

During Phase 2, the Committee will, in cooperation with the Boston Consulting Group, use requirements defined at Phase 1 to initiate cooperation with reputable urban planning, architectural, and engineering companies as well as respective experts, thus ensuring the continuation and completion of the Baku City Master Plan development process. Upon agreement with competent state authorities and implementation of public discussions, the Baku City Master Plan shall be submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers for approval in keeping with the effective legislation. According to the Urban Planning and Construction Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Master Plan shall remain in force for 20 years after its approval.

The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev and the Country’s First Vice-President Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva pay special attention to the development of the Baku City Master Plan. Following the instructions and guidance received from the Country’s leadership, the State Committee on Urban Planning and Architecture in the upcoming years will mobilize all available resources to ensure a high-quality content of the Master plan and bring the beautiful city of Baku through a systemic and sustainable development process. Thus, it will provide for the effective urban development planning and regulation of Baku and ensure comfortable living conditions as well as a more stringent approach to the preservation of its historical landscape and cultural heritage sites.

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