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) If there is another procedure for submission and review of applications in accordance with Article 5 of this Law;

b) if the application does not meet the requirements set out in the Articles 6.4-6.9 of this Law;

c) there is an effective court decision regarding the issue referred to in the application;

d) if multiple applications of a citizen received justified responses 3 times in a year and if there is no updates in the subsequent applications on the issue;

e) if it is impossible to address the application appropriately or the information contained in the application is either not sufficient or relevant, as specified in the Article 7.9 of this Law;

f) if the application is made in accordance with Article 14.0.2 of this Law.

Note that in cases specified in Article 8.1 of this Law, the reviewing institution or its official shall respond to the applicant on reasons for delayed review of the application not later than five working days (except for anonymous application) or immediately, if needed in case of delayed consideration of the verbal request.

When reasons for delayed application review are eliminated, the revieweing institution should ensure consideration of the application.